How To Get The Best eReader To Make eBook Reading Fun

Conventional books are slowly being replaced by eBooks preferred by many readers because of how portable they are and can be read from any place and any time. Whereas you can definitely enjoy an eBook from your device, having an eReader makes the experience even more enjoyable and fun. You just have to ensure that you get the best reader so you can explore and read all the books you are interested in quick and easy as per your convenience.

Choose the best screen type

There are so many options out there and they are not made equal when it comes to screen type. Considering that you will be reading the book on the screen, you want to choose a reader with a display that will make comfortable reading. Some readers have LCD screens whereas others offer a more paper-like feel. The type of screen can determine the amount of strain you are exposed to during reading. There are screens that offer color display and touchscreen capabilities, whereas others are hybrid readers featuring all these screen features for the most enjoyable read. Compare your options and choose the best for your liking.

Consider the weight and size

The bigger the eReader the better the display might be hence easier reading, but size could also mean that you have to think about portability. Luckily the market has both big and small readers, so you are able to choose the size you feel works best for your kind of lifestyle. Some may fit into your pocket, but some may require carrying a bag. Size also determines the weight, but you may be surprised to find big readers that are lightweight; it is simply a matter of personal preference.

Check formats it can handle

PDF eBooks are some of the best you can choose, but there are so many other formats out there you may come across. If you do not want to keep converting the books into a format that your reader can handle, you are better off choosing one that can accommodate almost all the common file formats. The most popular of the files besides PDF include HTML, TXT and EPUB. The more the formats your reader can play, the more convenient it will prove to be, especially if you are a reader who likes trying all kinds of reads.

Do not forget the interface

Touchscreen reading devices are preferred by many because of how intuitive and easy to use they are. However, remember you still have the choice of getting a button based reader that takes up less power and have higher levels of accuracy compared to the touch screen. On the down side button based readers can be cumbersome when it comes to use and the touch screen options take up much more power and can have lag issues. Both options are available in the market so weigh the kind of reading experience you are looking for and make the right selection.

There are very good sites offering free eBook download to match your reading preferences. A good site will offer you a huge range of free books to read and download and with a good eReader your reading experience should be most enjoyable.

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